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Group Fitness Classes Auckland

For a fun, relaxed way to stay fit, join Chantelle at her Garage for small group fitness classes. Dogs welcome!

Due to small class sizes, exercises can be tailored to suit most levels and injuries.


There are three classes to choose from: 


Mondays and Wednesdays, 6pm

Good for: Fitness and Weight Loss

A fast-paced interval workout with 45 seconds at each station.

You can make the class easier or harder depending on how fast you go, so this class is perfect for a beginner.


Saturdays, 8am

Good for: Strength and Muscle Gain

A slower-paced workout designed to push your strength limits in a small group environment. Usually involves squats and deadlifts, among other lifts.

We have a beginner barbell if needed.


Mondays and Wednesdays, 9am 

Good for: Fitness and Muscle Tone


A medium-intensity class involving cardio and light weights with a focus on core exercises. Can be catered to be low-impact or made appropriate for pregnancy and postpartum.

Childcare is not included but you are welcome to attend to your child during class. There is also a reception room with WiFi for older children. 

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Chantelle keeps the sessions varied, interesting and challenging. She is extremely positive and motivated. My abs are also the most defined they

have ever been!


I love it! I love the people who are here. I love the way that Chantelle motivates us to try and push ourselves even more every single session. I'm stronger, I'm fitter! And I'm just literally feeling the best that I have in such a long time.


Chantelle's classes been keeping me going to the gym regularly. I love turning up! Every single time I do a different type of exercise which keeps things really interesting. It's just a really great part of my routine!


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